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Nearly 30 years of serving the residents of Accomack and Northampton Counties. We now offer services in Virginia Beach, Norfolk and lower Maryland.


Marshall’s Tree Service offers commercial contracts for tree removal, stump grinding, snow removal, etc. Our clients include NASA, Virginia Department of Transportation and numerous others.

If you’re in Newport News, VA and in need of exceptional tree care services, your quest is over. Tree Service Newport News, VA is here to assist! With our experienced professionals and extensive range of tree services, including tree removal, pruning, trimming, and more, we guarantee your satisfaction. Count on us for routine upkeep or unexpected tree emergencies.

At our company, we know that tree emergencies can arise at any moment. This is precisely why we have assembled a team of highly trained specialists who are always on standby to handle any tree-related issues that may arise. Whether you need tree removal due to storm damage, pruning to promote health and visual appeal, or stump grinding to clear the path for new growth, rest assured that we have got you covered. Our team utilizes state-of-the-art tools and techniques to ensure a safe, efficient, and utterly satisfying solution to your tree-related concerns.

Our dedicated team in Newport News, Virginia, is committed to providing top-notch services to a diverse clientele, encompassing both commercial and residential properties. Equipped with extensive expertise and ample resources, we possess the necessary capabilities to tackle any project, regardless of its complexity or demands. Employing advanced tools and techniques, our skilled professionals ensure the efficient and safe completion of each endeavor, minimizing any disruptions to your daily routine. Whether you require routine maintenance, repairs, or a complete overhaul, rest assured that we will deliver exceptional results that not only meet your unique needs but also surpass your expectations.

In Newport News, look no further for a trustworthy and proficient local tree company. Our team of experts is well-prepared with advanced tools and techniques to give your trees the care they require for optimal growth. Whether you need pruning, trimming, tree cutting, or tree removal services, our skills and experience guarantee a job well done.

For the well-being of your palm, plum, olive, and fig trees, trust our nearby tree doctors to deliver exceptional care and preserve their beauty for years to come.

Need assistance with anything tree-related? Look no further! Our dedicated team of tree specialists is at your service. Whether you’re a commercial or residential customer, we have affordable tree services tailored to your needs. We offer a comprehensive range of services from tree moving, relocation, and spraying to felling, transplanting, root removal, tree trimming, stump removal, wood chipping, and firewood. Don’t waste another minute – get in touch with our experts now!

Don’t hesitate to contact us today and get a free estimate, as we are ready to provide top-notch tree service solutions.

Emergency Tree Service

If you ever come across a tree emergency in Newport News, VA, it is crucial to contact our professional tree service immediately. Our emergency tree service is committed to providing quick and trustworthy aid precisely when you need it most. We understand the concerns that tree emergencies bring and the potential risks they pose to your safety and property. Hence, our team of experts is always available to address any urgent tree care needs, day or night.

In the event of a tree emergency, it is crucial to trust the skills of a certified arborist. Our team is highly trained and has extensive experience in dealing with various tree emergencies, including fallen trees and dangerous branches. With our expertise and specialized equipment, we can safely remove trees or limbs that may threaten your home or property. Our main focus is on keeping you and your loved ones safe while preserving the beauty of your landscape.

We respond quickly and possess expertise, but we also give the utmost priority to your trees’ health and well-being. Our certified arborists are highly proficient in evaluating tree conditions and offering the essential care to promote their long-term vitality. From pruning and trimming to diagnosing and treating diseases, our comprehensive tree care services ensure that your trees flourish.

If you are in a tree emergency, don’t hesitate to contact our professional tree service in Newport News, VA. We understand the significance of immediate and dependable assistance during these stressful moments. Our team is dedicated to providing affordable solutions without ever compromising on quality. We offer competitive prices and firmly believe in delivering exceptional value to our valued customers.

Tree Company Virginia Beach

Trust our team of experts when searching for a dependable tree company in Newport News, VA. Our dedicated tree company in Newport News is here to efficiently and professionally meet all your tree service needs. From tree removal and trimming to maintenance, our skilled tree specialists near you are ready to provide exceptional assistance.

As a respected tree company serving Newport News, we recognize the significance of preserving the health and safety of your trees. Our team of skilled tree experts is extensively trained and experienced in providing various tree services. From diagnosing tree ailments to implementing effective tree care strategies, we possess the expertise needed to ensure the long-lasting vitality of your trees.

Newport News residents can rely on our licensed tree company for exceptional customer service. Your satisfaction is highly valued, and we are committed to surpassing your expectations with every task. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff members will listen attentively to your concerns and offer customized tree care solutions that meet your specific needs.

Our tree service in Newport News is exceptional and comes with competitive and cost-effective pricing. We firmly believe everyone should have access to top-notch tree care, so we offer affordable services that maintain the highest quality of work.

Looking for reliable tree care services in Newport News? Look no further than our reputable large tree company. Our professional and affordable services are designed to keep your trees thriving for years to come. Contact us today to book an appointment with our knowledgeable tree specialists. We have a proven track record of serving clients from various backgrounds, including residential and commercial sectors.

Commercial and Residential Tree Service

When it comes to tree care in Newport News, VA, you can always rely on our team of experts at our tree company. We take pride in offering top-notch commercial and residential tree services that meet all of your needs. Whether you own a business or a home, our dedicated tree service is here to provide exceptional care for your trees. From removing unwanted trees to trimming branches and everything in between, we are committed to keeping your property safe and enhancing its beauty. Trust us to deliver outstanding tree services that you can count on.

Our team of highly skilled tree care professionals is dedicated to providing you with exceptional service. From pruning excessive branches to eliminating diseased or injured trees, we are equipped to handle all your tree care requirements. With advanced equipment and a commitment to safety, your property is in capable hands.

At our commercial tree service, we recognize the distinct requirements and obstacles businesses face. Overgrown or dead trees can have a detrimental effect on your property’s safety and aesthetics, ultimately impacting your business’s reputation. Our skilled team specializes in commercial tree services, collaborating closely with you to create a customized plan that fits your budget and requirements. Whether you require routine tree maintenance or urgent tree removal, we possess the necessary expertise and equipment to carry out the task both efficiently and safely.

Your home is your sanctuary, and we recognize the significance of residential tree service. Our commitment lies in providing top-quality tree services that will elevate the aesthetics and value of your property. From tree pruning to stump grinding, our team will work closely with you to create a customized plan tailored to your individual needs. With our extensive knowledge and experience, we can effectively handle any tree-related issue, ensuring the well-being, maintenance, and safety of your trees.

When it comes to commercial and residential tree services in Newport News, VA, our tree company stands out from the rest. Our team of experts is committed to delivering unparalleled care for your trees, ensuring that your property remains both stunning and secure. Contact us without delay to book a consultation and experience the remarkable difference our tree service can make.

Our Services

Tree Removal

State of the art equipment, and crew dedicated to detail, allows for no-impact tree removal.

Tree Pruning

Professional trimming services completed to industry standards.

Lot Clearing

Clearing of trees and shrubs from a plot of land to make way for new construction, renovations or a lawn expansion.

Stump Grinding

Equipment available to remove stumps for driveway or foundation installation, or grind stumps for lawn maintenance purposes.

Forestry Mowing

A land clearing method using a machine to selectively cut trees, brush or vines to clear unwanted vegetation while leaving behind a fine layer of mulch.

Debris Removal

Capabilities to remove logs, brush or other debris from a site.

Why Choose Us?

Trees are an essential element in every landscape, offering shade, beauty, and numerous environmental benefits. However, like any living organism, trees require proper care and attention to maintain their health and attractiveness. This is where Tree Service Newport News, VA comes into play. Our team of experienced professionals specializes in a range of tree services, including trimming, removal, pruning, stump grinding, and cutting.

Count on our skilled arborists who are well-versed in the most up-to-date techniques and equipped with advanced tools to safely and efficiently trim your trees. Our pruning services are also available to eliminate dead or diseased branches, promoting healthy growth and minimizing potential damage.

When it comes to tree removal, you can rely on us for a safe and responsible approach. Our top priority is to safeguard nearby structures and property during the removal process. We also offer stump grinding services to ensure your property maintains a tidy appearance. At Tree Service Newport News, VA, safety is our commitment. Our well-trained team is fully equipped to handle any tree service job, regardless of its magnitude.

Tree Service Newport News, VA is your go-to company for all your tree care requirements in Newport News, VA. We pride ourselves on offering competitive prices and providing free estimates to help you make an informed decision. With our commitment to customer satisfaction, we won’t stop until you’re completely satisfied with the outcome. No matter if you need routine tree trimming, emergency tree removal, or any other tree service, we have the skills and experience to deliver exceptional results. Book your appointment with us today!

“Marshall's cut two big pine trees for us, bringing the trees down in sections safely and quickly. Everyone I know that has used Marshall's is pleased with the quality of the work and cleanup.”


“Estimate given on Friday, Tuesday afternoon they came to start. Crew was very respectful of surroundings and protected landscape as much as possible. Removed 5 trees, 2 were huge oaks. I highly recommend Marshall’s Tree, and I’m not easily impressed!”


Professional Tree Company

Marshall’s Tree Service is located on the Eastern Shore of Virginia. Started in 1996, Marshall’s has grown to service both Accomack & Northampton Counties along with Virginia Beach, Norfolk, lower Maryland and all areas in between. With state of the art equipment, Marshall’s Tree Service far exceeds the competition with their no-impact removal and precision to detail and clean-up.

According to industry standards, Marshall’s Tree Service far exceeds the insurance requirements. Covered by general liability, automobile liability & workers compensation, coverage is in place to protect the company and property owner.


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