Meet Our Crew

Our entire crew is kind and considerate, by nature, and they are all about work. You will never hear them shouting or involved in horseplay. As a team (family), they understand the pride people take in their homes and property. When Marshall’s does well, they do well. So, as a whole, we desire to satisfy our customers and develop lifelong relationships, with the hope of referrals to friends and family.

Customer satisfaction is our #1 priority!

Jose is our foreman and crane operator. He has been with us for twenty-four years. During crane certification class, the instructor commented, “only one percent of the people that come through this class can operate the crane with that degree of ability.” You’re in great hands with Jose!

Sabino has been with us for over twelve years. He is a highly skilled climber, rigger and operator with the knowledge of proper pruning techniques.

Osvaldo, “Junior” as we call him, is our most recent team member. He came to us shortly after graduating from high school. He has quickly acquired all of the skills needed to be a tremendous asset to Marshall’s. Junior is a climber, operator and commercial driver.

“Little Jose” is the son of our foreman, Jose. He is currently attending high school, but is a part of our team during the summer. Like his father, he is a highly skilled operator. He’s a “chip off the old block” as the saying goes. While he has many opportunities in life, one of them will certainly be here at Marshall’s.

Marshall’s Tree Service is owned and operated by John and Crystal Marshall. John is the one who had the vision for the company many years ago and still the one that incisions the future. Crystal is the one that carries out all of the day-to-day details.

John strives to run this company on Christian principles, the main one being, “Love your neighbor.” Every customer is a loved neighbor and should be treated like we ourselves would like to be treated.